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uneasy feeling queasy

Dancers: Breena Cocco and Nicoletta Lanese

Music: Relax by Mika, I've Never Felt So Alone by Labrinth, Because The Night by Patti Smith

Premiered at Detroit Dance City Festival, September 2022

Presented at Fertile Ground, NYC, September 2022

Presented at WAXworks, NYC, October 2022

Presented at UNKEMPT Dance Festival, NYC, January 2023

Presented at 8 in Show at Dixon Place, NYC, March 2023

Considerable cloudiness

Dancer: Jacquelyn Pritz

Music: Rain by Ryuichi Sakamoto

Premiered at the University of Florida, November 2017

Presented at Small Plates Choreography Festival, October 2018

Don't worry your pretty little head 

Dancers: Breena Cocco,​ Nicoletta Lanese, Caroline Lockwood, Cristen Thomas

Music: Rise and Frost by Sven Helbig

Premiered at the University of Florida, November 2016

Presented at the New Grounds Dance Festival, May 2017

Presented at the Young Choreographer's Festival, June 2017


Dancers: Jade Bloshuk, Marie Callahan, Breena Cocco, Dani Frost, Grace Landefeld, Keely Mason

Music: Iron by Woodkid

Premiered at the University of Florida, April 2016

Presented at the Boston Contemporary Dance Festival, August 2016


Dancers: Breena Cocco and Dani Frost

Music: Soundscore featuring Promise by Ben Howard

Awarded the FACC Juried Exhibition Award for Choreography


Premiered at the Harn Museum of Art, December 2015


Presented at the Richmond Dance Festival, April 2016

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